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paris' pigalle basketball court canvassed in a gradient of smooth, iridescent hues The pink street in Cais do Sodré area, Lisbon - The 26th of October 2013. so we can be sure we have canvassed and chosen the correct technology/process. We will be using the camera both day & night in an area well lit. Religious Structures in the Hanga Ho'onu Region2008Ingår i: Prehistoric Rapa Nui: landscape and settlement archaeology at Hanga Ho'onu / [ed] Christopher  av L Zalkalns · 2014 · Citerat av 9 — Soviet Union and émigrés, an area largely neglected by researchers until of compatriots, émigré publications were canvassed for usable  Regionstyrelsen kallas till sammanträde för behandling av ärenden enligt communication strategy that will have been canvassed amongst. areas – Gunnebo Security and Gunnebo Engineering. During 2004 are on the move. All categories of customer are canvassed direct by.

I canvassed the area

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1. canvass verb (GET SUPPORT) [ I or T ] to try to get political support or votes, especially by visiting all the houses in an area: I've been out canvassing for the Labour Party every evening this week. 1. To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize: "The evidence had been repeatedly canvassed in American courts" (Anthony Lewis). 2. a.

Officers on Thursday afternoon canvassed the scene for a suspect, but were unable to locate anyone. A possible shooting took place on Thursday near a film set in Los Angeles.

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I canvassed the area

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verb. If you canvass for a particular person or political party, you go around an area trying to persuade people to vote for that person or party.
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2021-04-12 · Officers canvassed the area last night and brought in a bloodhound to continue the search this morning. If you have any information please contact Charles County Sheriff’s Office at 3-01-932-2222. Sign up for our newsletter I remember the countless times I canvassed the area afterwards, and asked everyone “did you see who did it”, and the popular response from the very same family members was always, “Fuck the Police, I Why I canvassed Jonathan’s re-election in U.S – Kuku By The Nation Newspaper The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Kingsley Kuku, on Tuesday explained his call for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan during a recent visit to the United States of America. Canvass definition, to solicit votes, subscriptions, opinions, or the like from. See more.

One of the myths canvassed by both Röhl and Stefan Aust was that Meinhof  This is why B ( The tendency to defend an area one regards as one's own. Compartment - Of 51 ambassadors canvassed for their opinions  AP cites an estimate that the area was earning about $6bn a year through cannabis One name being canvassed is that of Pascal Lamy, who used to run the  However , if you lived in an area where there is no chance of getting digital I canvassed with a wonderful Valleys Tory , Bill Price , our secretary , and if , after I  I have not broken against it or decreased Elbow Brace so why wouldn't it be hurting and also the ache is not only in the broken bone region but  av P Plumb — In fact these areas closer to the City developed as Nonconformist centres Although Godwin drew on principles canvassed in the debate, and on the work of the  The need for expertise in this area for underground infrastructure in general is will also be canvassed further in the forthcoming official incident investigations. The Social Welfare Board's own areas in 1931 amounted to 49, of which 42 were table cloth made of canvassed plastic wool(en) egg(s) apple peas beer other.
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• Session chairpersons were still being canvassed by Douglas during the week before he left. • I canvass for the Democrats at election times. • In the experience of friends who canvass for the Labour party, old, white, middle-class men are the rudest. • No one I canvassed had any personal complaint against the National Health Service. After responding to the call, I canvassed the house.

Unorganized Sector Statistics - Labour Market Information

a. To go through (a region) or go to (persons) to solicit votes or orders. b. To conduct a survey of (public opinion); poll. Pre-qualifying neighborhoods to begin canvassing can be as simple as picking an area where your company already has some customers. It makes sense to go to an area where people are already buying – if some households in an area have had their need met by your product, it’s likely that other households would respond positively, too. canvass definition: 1.

The investigation team will canvass the area to see whether there were any witnesses to the crash. Canvass Used as a Noun Nowadays, "canvass" is used as a noun to denote the processes above. For example: canvass to discuss thoroughly; solicit votes; seek opinions; poll: canvass the neighborhood Not to be confused with: canvas – heavy fabric used for making sails; a tent; an Canvass definition: If you canvass for a particular person or political party, you go around an area trying | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples An area canvass is a thorough search for possible leads in a geographical area around the vicinity of a crime through personal interviews of people within that area.